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Success Stories

by Eileen Broer

I am so happy that I discovered Total Health Works. Their exercise programs are backed by research and they work! I have access to both live and recorded one-hour exercise programs that work on muscle strengthening, balance, brain, intensive intermittent aerobics, and end with mindfulness.

by Catherine Cryan

My husband, Ken Erney, has been taking classes with Ziddy for two years - and has maintained his body strength for that time! His neurologist is impressed! This really works!

by Barbara Prince

I was in a wheelchair for one year. Then I met with Ziddy. I’m now walking four miles a day and playing pickleball. I am eternally grateful for Total Health Works.

David, Jackie and Bennet. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

by Paul L'Herrou

I do my twice-a-week Movement for Memory classes totally online in my finished basement. I enjoy the sessions. My cognition is holding up, unlike many with similar issues who are rapidly going downhill and dying. Also, my aging body is staying in fit.

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Give NeuroHealth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting physical, mental and neurological health. As part of our mission to enhance the lives of those affected by neuro-related conditions, we provide 14-days of free exercise classes specifically designed to help fight the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease through our partner Total HealthWorks.

These online classes are designed to be comfortable for all age groups and functional levels, ensuring that everyone can participate with confidence! Whether you want to participate yourself or share with a loved one, Give NeuroHealth is committed to improving access to valuable resources that support those facing neurological challenges.

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